Biopsies: Worry, wonder, and wait

Needing an operation was all very surreal. Kind of like Grey’s Anatomy but with no famous actors working on me.

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6 thoughts on “Biopsies: Worry, wonder, and wait”

  1. And start getting your colonoscopy at age 50 too. Being told you had a polyp removed that was pre-cancerous means it hadn’t had time to turn yet! Do it. Thanks Stacie! And so glad you are ok. 🙂


    1. Thanks Tamzen. And yup, colonoscopies beginning this year. Thankfully their methods have improved in recent years from what I’ve heard. And my polyp didn’t show any signs at all of cancer or being pre-cancerous. Not sure if there are benign polyps that stay benign or if they all eventually progress and become cancer. Have been doing a lot of reading up on all of this the past few months.


  2. Good to hear all is well! Worry? Is it good for us? I’ve always had the feeling that worrying was a necessary evil to come out on top of a possible bad situation. Glad your worrying paid off!


    1. Very glad my worrying paid off too Lynne! I tell myself there’s no point since it doesn’t change anything. Especially in this situation, worry if and when I receive a bad diagnosis, not before. But it’s so hard not to overthink things.


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