5 thoughts on “The Blood Moon in Western Michigan”

  1. Stacie, that is a beautiful picture of the moon. It looks like you could just reach out and touch it. It is something the way the moon looks so much bigger and closer when it is on the horizon.
    I know what your feeling of wanting to sometimes share a moment like that with someone. When I am solo traveling and sometimes experience a unique thing or place I sometimes have that same type of feeling. But in a way you have experienced it with others by posting the pic. I have enjoyed seeing it. Thanks for sharing your experience.


    1. Thank you for your comment Steve. There was a blood moon last spring that I missed so I was glad to catch a peek at this one even if viewing conditions were less than ideal. I agree that while traveling one will see many amazing moments and places. Very often my only regret is that there is nowhere safe to pull over to take pictures of most of them.


      1. In what way or circumstances are you referring to as being unsafe? I know at times I have passed things and couldn’t stop because of traffic. I have, at times gotten off the road or turned around and went back to enjoy, savior, and take some pics, if I was disappointed for missed things.


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