11 thoughts on “Recap of the Tearjerkers’ CRA2015 tiny trailer rally”

  1. Hi Stacie, The other day on our local news they did a segment on high tech camping equipment. One of the items was a Helio pressure shower. It is by Nemoequipment.com and costs $100 . It looked nice and you only have to pump it with you foot. The unit sits on the ground. Expensive, but handy!


  2. Stacie, great blog on the CRA. I enjoyed talking to you and Fred. My sister loved your awning and is giving some thought to making one like it for her teardrop. I am the old guy who was walking around with the huskies. They had as much fun as I did meeting people from all over. I hope you had a safe trip home and hope to see you guys in two years.
    Marty, Kya, and Elsa.


  3. Thanks for the comment Marty and it was a pleasure to meet you and your family! I hope your sister makes her awning. I’ll be posting a tutorial this week if that’ll help 🙂


  4. Great blog post Stacie! You summed up the CRA beautifully. I’m sorry I didn’t get over to chat with you and check out your Glampette up close. Like you, I felt the effects of the heat very much during the gathering and was moving pretty slowly at times and often stayed in the shade to try to stay cool. I was wishing that I had brought my Zodi power shower with me and my pop up shower shelter. A nice cool bucket of water with the shower pump in there would have made me a much more comfortable camper. I highly recommend the shower unit. It’s light and packs easily. I think I paid about $35-$40 for it. It consists of a pump that runs on 4 D batteries (which last a very long time) and a hose that has a small shower head attached to it. Zodi makes a full kit that includes a water heater but I have a stove that can do the same thing. You submerge the pump in your bucket of water (or a stream or other water source), push the button on the pump to turn it on and voila! It provides a decent amount of pressure considering the size of the pump. I have very thick hair and have no problem getting shampoo out with the water pressure it provides. To conserve water I turn the pump off while lathering up. If you want more info on it feel free to PM me on the Tearjerkers board (TheresaD) and I’ll be happy to fill you in.
    All the best,


    1. Hi Theresa!

      Thank you for the comment and review of the Zodi. One of the travel showers is definitely something I want and need to add to The Glampette. I appreciate all of the details. Also, there is one thing I’ve learned after attending just a few tiny trailer rallies and that is that there is NEVER enough time to meet everyone and see every trailer! I guess that’s just how it goes. With trailers arriving every hour for several days (or so it seemed) it has to be close to impossible to see every single one. I felt really bad that I never made it over to Loop B 😦 Ah well, all of the trailers (and people) I missed this time will be something to look forward to the next time.


  5. Stacie
    What a great article about the CRA. I’m so glad you had a wonderful time – though i knew you would. 2013 was my first & everyone was so nice & helpful & welcoming beyond belief! I had a blast.
    I am envious of all the amazing trailers you got to see this year – there are some you posted i would have loved getting to check out. (Especially that alto – though i know it’s not a tear – their website doesn’t show them well enough to get a good view of how they work).
    I bet everyone was in awe over yout Glampette. I LOVE your awning! You are one extremely talented lady. I am looking forward to the tutorial – i need something for over the back of my tearbaby since i don’t have the big, full-size hatch.
    Thank you for such a detailed post – almost felt like i did get to go (& thank you again for your gracious generosity). I am glad you had a great time – in spite of the humidity! 🙂


  6. Hi Jordan,

    Thanks for your comment! Yes, it was as great as you told me it would be! Working on the tutorial, should be able to post it in a day or two. I’m sure we’ll meet in person someday, at some rally, in some campgound, in some state 🙂


  7. Hey Stacie! This is Debra and I was in the myPod. I am interested in your tutorial for the mosquito netting you put around your awning. I purchased an awning (7×11) and think the netting and some side curtains would be a great addition. Something to use when needed.


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