Two blogs instead of one


You may or may not know that before I started the blog I used to blog over on Blogspot (aka Blogger).

My first blog was named “The Flirty Blog” after my bridal accessory business The Flirty Bride. I began posting there in 2006. Because I was leaving California in 2014 and intended to continue posting about travel and tourism I changed the name to I Found the Place. Instead, I didn’t post much at all then started the new blog instead. It’s taken a year for me to realize how much I really missed my old blog. It just wasn’t the same posting my lifestyle content here on the Tinygami blog since my art has become more than a hobby. Because of this I’ve made a somewhat drastic change…

I started posting in my original blog again just a few days ago. It was a first step. The next was to move the lifestyle content I’d posted here, over to I Found the Place. I decided the best way to do it was to copy the posts over there but leave the lead image in the original post here with a direct link to the post’s new location. My apologies if that’s confusing but from here on out I will post all art content directly into the Tinygami blog and all lifestyle content into I Found the Place.

I even updated the banner to include an origami crane and Michigan’s mitten and am consolidating the older wedding and California categories over on the sidebar to make more room for my new Michigan posts 🙂

There’s a subscription button to Feedburner just under my bio picture in the righthand sidebar. You can receive email updates every time a new post is added to the blog if you don’t want to have to go check each week.

Here’s hoping I found the solution to how to feel more motivated to blog again!